Turning Imbalance into Potential

For Organizations and Individuals

Keynotes, Talks and Workshops

Learn about personal, social, health and legal possibilities to free yourself from psychiatric diagnosis

Book the 5-star keynote or Talk about the personal journey of Jesper H. Bertelsen and find out:

1) How you get documentation on you no longer have the diagnoses of depression, manic psychosis, bipolar disorder and ADD 100% medicine free

2) How you get approved for life insurance (in many countries necessary for getting approved for a bank loan).

3) How you turn an imbalance into a gift on your life-journey.

It is possible - it happened for Jesper using another perspective.

GOM - Go Open-Minded is now working to help others on their individual paths. 

Another Mind - the English version

The novel Another Mind - Part 1 is a 100% authentic story aimed to de-stigmatise psychiatric diagnoses such as mania, psychosis and depression.

The key is to understand mental imbalances as inner journeys and natural processes you have to go through to get out of them.  It is another way to look upon mental imbalance than illness.

Another Mind - Part 1 was published in Denmark on December 16th 2021. The English version is planned to be published in 2024.

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Resilience by e-learning

Does your organization work to improve world mental health as your BIG WHY?

Then you might be our new international developing partner on our e-learning platform Train Your Mind ©.

We are working on a scalable online solution to help employees and individuals create own skills to continuously getting rid of anxiety and getting better at learning and making everyday decisions. 

Our ambitions are high, and we are looking for 1-2 partners to fuel the rocket ship.

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